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2010 Specimen Set - Northern Harrier

The Royal Canadian Mint is proud to present the 2010 Specimen Set of Canadian coins. The finish on these superb coins is a three-fold combination of brilliant and frosted relief on a lined finish background. The elegant book-style packaging, with removable lens, splendidly complements these fine coins.

This year, the aureate dollar features the Northern Harrier, the only harrier hawk in Canada. This impressive raptor can be seen gliding quite low over marshes or open grasslands in search of prey. It has a distinctive white rump patch, a face like an owl, a long tail and a wingspan up to 122 cm (48 in) long.

Each coin in this set has been individually inspected to ensure that it meets the high standards of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Item number: 105794
Mintage: 35,000
Finish: Specimen

Face Value Composition Weight (g) Diameter (mm) Edge
2 Dollars Outter Ring: 99% Ni / Inner Core: 92%Cu, 6%Al, 2%Ni 7.3 28.03 Interrupted serrations
1 Dollar Nickel electroplated with bronze 7.0 11-sided 26.50 Plain
50 Cents Three-ply nickel finish plated steel 6.9 27.13 Reeded
25 Cents Three-ply nickel finish plated steel 4.4 23.88 Reeded
10 Cents Three-ply nickel finish plated steel 1.75 18.06 Reeded
5 Cents Three-ply nickel finish plated steel 3.95 21.20 Plain
1 Cent Two-ply copper finish plated steel 2.35 19.05 Plain


Special Features:

  • Aureate dollar featuring the Northern Harrier only found in this set.


    CD lens concept with maroon outer cover and black set-up box.
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