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It’s the Justice League in one of its most iconic incarnations! Aquaman, Superman, Green Lantern and more — this is the way many fans remember them, as they appeared in the pages of comic books published in the 1970s to mid-‘80s. Shaped like the symbol of truth and justice for all, this fine silver coin is a unique Bronze Age retrospective, featuring original art by the Canadian all-star team of Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson.


SRP: $1049.95
Item Number: 168660
UPC: 6-23932-09282-2
Composition: 99.99% pure silver
Mintage: 750
Weight: 311.2 g
Diameter: 110 mm x 87.5 mm
Face Value: $100
Finish: Proof
Edge: Interrupted serrations
Artists: Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson
Packaging: Black clamshell with black beauty box


  • A retro-chic tribute. A special look back at the Justice League from the Bronze Age of DC Comics, using modern-day artistry to breathe new life into the classic art style.
  • Celebrating Canadian comic book artists, with all-new art by DC Comics artist Jason Fabok and colourist Brad Anderson – two of the many Canadian artists who are making waves in today’s comic book industry.
  • The return of Superman’s Shield. This stunning showpiece is shaped just like Superman’s S-Shield, a near-universal symbol that is synonymous with hope and justice for all.
  • First appearance of Green Arrow and Green Lantern on our coins.
  • A special treat for the fans. Each coin comes packaged with an exclusive collector card, featuring the concept art for the coin.


The reverse is a modern-day tribute to the past and features an original concept by Canadian comic book artist Jason Fabok, with colours by Brad Anderson. Within the confines of this S-Shield coin, the members of the Justice League seem poised to make the leap from their Bronze Age adventures to this modern era. From left to right, the colourful all-star team-up includes: Aquaman, Hawkman and Green Arrow; Robin (Dick Grayson), Superman and Wonder Woman; Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) and Batman; and finally, The Flash (Barry Allen), who leads the rush with his lightning-fast speed. The obverse features the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

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