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Loving and strong. Dedicated and ferocious. The polar bear is an enduring symbol of the Arctic wilderness, where the sea ice is the cornerstone of life. This fine silver coin features a touching motherand-cub portrait of this beloved species, but with the addition of textural engraving that seemingly pushes the ice fragments right to the coin’s edge.


SRP: $579.95
Item Number: 169147
UPC: 6-23932-09361-4
Composition: 99.99 % fine silver
Mintage: 1,200
Weight (g): 157.6
Diameter (mm): 68.81
Face Value: $50
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated
Artist: Tony Bianco
Packaging: Standard maroon clamshell with black beauty box


  • NEW! ANOTHER TECHNICAL INNOVATION! This celebration of the Canadian Arctic uses innovative engineering design and Virtual Minting to shape the coin’s edge and surface in a way that perfectly complements the “glacial” theme. 
  • ENGRAVED WAVES add a sense of movement on the reverse and the obverse, as though the surfaced bears and the effigy have set off the ebb and flow of the water. 
  • CARVED EDGES: The theme extends onto the coin’s edge, which is fully engraved to mimic the jagged look of an icy edge. 
  • AN ICE FRAME: Texturally engraved ice fragments surround the bears on the reverse, but they also come together to form a frame on the obverse. 
  • LIKE NO OTHER: Artistry, craftsmanship and innovation — all of these have combined to form a superb collectible piece of art, and all in 5 oz. of 99.99% pure silver.


The reverse image by Tony Bianco travels to the True North for a glimpse of the polar bear (Ursus maritimus) at play. The engraved scene is a touching portrait of a mother and cub swimming in the cold waters of the Canadian Arctic, their closeness reflected in the way they are positioned as they emerge from the icy depths. Textural engraving adds a sense of movement across the surface of the water, where the ebb and flow generated by the swimmers’ movements pushes the floating ice right to the coin’s edge. The theme continues onto the fully engraved edge, which mimics the look of jagged ice and gives the coin its unique shape. The similarly engraved obverse features wave-driven ice shapes that form a frame around the effigy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt.

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