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Violets aren't always "violet." Sometimes they are yellow, white or blue, not surprising considering there are more than 500 species of violets worldwide, more than sixty of them in North America. The purple violet was chosen as New Brunswick's floral emblem in 1936 through a co-operative effort between the province's Women's Institutes and school children. Although numerous violets bloom in purple, Viola cucullata is recognized as the province's official species. This particular violet is identified by the thick, rounded hairs on the beards of the lower side petals. In addition, its petals are usually darker at their base and its 2 cm (.75 in) flowers appear well above the leaves on stems that are 12-25 cm (5-10 in) tall. Also known as the marsh blue violet, the purple violet is found primarily in wet meadows and bogs from Newfoundland to northwestern Ontario. Today, people generally cherish it for its beauty, but New Brunswick's floral emblem has long been valued by Canada's aboriginal people as a food source and by European settlers for its medicinal properties.

Face Value: 350 dollars
Composition: 99.999% gold
Weight(g): 35
Diameter(mm): 34
Edge: Serrated
Finish: Proof

Special Features: This is the tenth in a series of provincial flowers that started in 1998. Crafted in 99.999% pure gold, hand polished to proof perfection and struck to mintage of only 1,400 coins worldwide.

Packaging: Coin encapsulated and presented in a maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a black beauty box.

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