Hockey Cards

Hockey Cards

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Starting Your Collection

There are many ways to collect, but a good start is by focusing on your favourite teams or players and collecting those cards.

What Type of Cards Should I Collect?

Collect what you enjoy collecting, whether it's rookies or certain players or a certain team or autographed cards or game used cards. Years ago, collectors used to just collect "error" cards. Some collectors in the 1960s only collected "food-issue" cards, meaning cards issued by companies such as Wheaties, Post Cereal and Kellogg's. Many collectors today only collect Vintage cards, meaning cards prior to the 1970s. The choices of various cards on the market should not confuse you, as much as they should offer you opportunity to choose what you prefer to collect. Trading cards offer something for everyone, and can $1 to over $100 per pack - the higher the price, the more content and inserts you'll find! 

Where Can I Purchase Cards? 

West Edmonton Coin & Stamp carries a wide array of cards in-store!

Trading Card Values

Like coins and stamps, the value of a particular card is contingent on many factors, including rarity, condition, and overall demand. Your best bet is usually on rookie cards or autographs.

Keeping Your Cards in Mint Condition

Once you've started your collection, you will want to take good care of your cards - the better the condition, the more valuable they'll be. We carry a wide range of card supplies to suit any collector.

Popular Brands


The first set of each new Season offers plenty of inserts, parallels and short prints. Geared towards set collectors and collectors on a budget.


This classic-styled set is the largest on the market and low-priced, ideal for beginner collectors.


Made for seasoned collectors, Artifacts is a mid-range product, popular to all.

Upper Deck Series 1 & 2

Affordable pricing, autographs, patch cards, Young Guns rookies, and more. A huge hit with all levels of collectors.

Spx & SP Authentic

Tons of autographs, jersey cards, rookie autographs, and multi-signed cards. 

Connect With Other Collectors!

To find a wide variety of trading cards, across all sports, players, and teams to collect, you should visit the all new Upper Deck Collection. Here you can perform searches to find the perfect cards to get started collecting. You also can email or print out custom wish-lists, see the diffent card designs available to collect, and even create you own collection online!

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