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From Canada's unlikely north comes a natural wonder that has fascinated humanity for thousands of years - diamonds! (TAX Exempt)

These precious stones began forming billions of years ago when the immense ball of gas known as "earth" began to cool - they are the carbon crystals that formed in its semi-fluid mantle. Every time the earth erupted to release pressure from ts core, these carbon crystals were carried away by the molten rock that flowed to the surface.

The gem of all gems, diamonds had always been associated with the kimberlite craters of South Africa and Russia, so when geologists found the same volcanic rock in Canada's Northwest Territories, their hearts began to pound! Scrambling to find the source of this surprise discovery, they retraced endless trails left by thousands of years of glacial activity and in 1991, pegged Lac de Gras as the kimberlite crater they were hoping for the first of many!

Virtually overnight, Canada rose to the heights of the diamond industry, its first mines unearthing some of the finest gems the world had ever seen - gifts from the heart of a planet to a northland billions of years away. Now you can enjoy Canadas newest natural wonder with the 2005 $20 Silver Hologram Coin - Diamonds.

The latest issue in this innovative series, this 99.99% pure silver coin features a 3D hologram - a precision technique thats perfectly suited to capture all the shine and brilliance of a semi-cut diamond. The proof design in the background reveals the landscape surrounding Lac de Gras - home to the finest, most brilliant diamonds in the world!

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