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The unmistakable black-and-white orca (Orcinus orca) is an awe-inspiring emblem of Canada’s Pacific Coast, and is known for the strong family bonds that are at the heart of the tight-knit groups (or pods) they live in. This coin pays tribute to this highly intelligent and social mammal, whose ingenuity has long made it a master of its marine environment.

Composition: 99.99% pure silver
Mintage: 6,000
Weight (g)*: 26.51
Diameter (mm): 38
Face Value: $20
Finish: Proof
Edge: Plain
Artist: Tony Bianco
Packaging: Wooden box with graphic beauty box


  • An exclusive opportunity to add this scallop-shaped, 99.99% pure silver coin to your prized collection!
  • An unforgettable celebration of the orca as a beloved master of the sea.
  • Precision engraving captures the likeness of each orca in extraordinary detail, while the dynamic design conveys the majesty of a pod of orcas in motion—the result is a truly stunning coin that is brimming with energy and depth!
  • A timeless showcase of the Royal Canadian Mint’s extraordinary level of craftsmanship that makes its coins highly valued, praised and sought-after by collectors.
  • A wonderful addition to any nature-, wildlife-, marine- or Canadiana-themed collection, with a magnificent design that is equally appreciated by collectors, nature lovers and art appreciators alike.

The reverse image by Canadian artist Tony Bianco features a superb engraved portrait of a pod of orcas in the waters off Canada’s Pacific Coast. The unique perspective places the viewer at the heart of the action alongside these masters of the sea, with a side-profile view of the orcas above and below the water. Facing toward the left side of the coin, the orcas’ famously contrasting colours are conveyed through the use of various finishing techniques, ensuring each orca is clearly distinct from the others within the tight-knit group. The underwater bubbles and wavy waterline add to the sense of movement, power and energy, while the different sizes of the meticulously engraved orcas provides evidence of the strong family bonds within this pod. Three of the orcas are depicted at various stages of porpoising at the surface; with tall dorsal fins rising in the air, they break out of the water to soar above it before plunging underwater in a continuous motion. Meanwhile, an adult and a calf swim beneath the waterline, which stretches from one side of the coin’s scallop-shaped edge to the other.

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