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The reigning king of the skies, the bald eagle is at home in some of Canada’s wildest and most magnificent landscapes — including the coastal setting on the reverse, where engraving and multiple colour technologies combine like never before to create an instant day-to-night transformation.


SRP: $189.95
Item Number: 168462
UPC: 6-23932-09258-7
Composition: 99.99 % pure silver
Mintage: 4,000
Weight (g): 62.69
Diameter (mm): 50
Face Value: $30
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated
Artist: Emily Damstra
Packaging: Standard maroon clamshell with black beauty box


  • TWO CANADIAN ICONS ON ONE COIN: One is an elusive hunter, the other is a famously colourful national emblem — the wolf and the maple leaf are cleverly paired together in this special showcase of Canada’s wild beauty. 
  • FALL COLOURS: A selective application of green, red and golden hues hints at Canada’s colourful fall foliage and transforms the art into a multi-layered design. 
  • ENGRAVED DETAILS: Precision engraving captures the wolf’s likeness in remarkable detail — from the texture of its fur to the crisp rendering of its facial features. 
  • A MORE PLAYFUL PORTRAIT: By combining engraving and colouring techniques, the visually compelling design is a slightly more playful take on the traditional wildlife portrait, yet it beautifully highlights the awe inspiring splendour of our surroundings. 
  • A GREAT ADDITION OR GIFT — ORDER YOURS TODAY! This fine silver collectible is the perfect addition to any nature- or Canadiana-themed collection, and a marvellous gift idea for any wildlife enthusiast!


The reverse image by Emily Damstra presents a frontal portrait of a wolf in one of Canada’s many forested regions. Gazing directly into the eyes of the viewer, the wily hunter bears a peaceful yet studious expression, as it stands immobile behind the fall foliage that partially conceals its presence. Finely engraved details and special finishes combine to add texture and dimension to this wildlife portrait, as evidenced by the crisply rendered facial features and the guard hairs that protect the wolf’s neck. Green, red and golden hues highlight select maple leaves that frame the wolf’s face, and provide a hint of the famously colourful transformation of Canada’s beloved emblem.

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