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The timeless shape of a maple leaf evokes the natural beauty of the Canadian landscape throughout the seasons—particularly in autumn, when maple leaves transform their surroundings with a spectacular burst of red, yellow and gold colours! Celebrate Canada’s most iconic national symbol with a uniquely shaped fine silver coin that captures a si maple leaf’s colourful autumn transformation.

Composition: 99.99% pure silver
Mintage: 15,000
Weight (g)*: 31.5
Diameter (mm): 42mm X 43mm
Face Value: $20
Finish: Proof
Edge: Plain
Artist: Maurice Gervais
Packaging: Custom Maple leaf shaped presentation case


  • The first maple leaf–shaped coin to feature full colour!
  • An incredible feat of engineering! The irregular shape, complex edging, rich colour application and beautifully detailed engraving all exemplify the craftsmanship and innovative artistry of the Royal Canadian Mint.
  • The coin is the product of an exacting manufacturing process, which includes the use of specialized equipment to shape the dies and the laborious task of controlling the silver to ensure uniformity.
  • Crafted from 99.99% pure silver, the coin comes encapsulated in a custom leaf-shaped case that mirrors the coin’s outline, and is packaged in a premium wooden collector’s case with a viewing window in the lid.
  • The first maple leaf–shaped silver coin sold out in just two days—the addition of beautiful colours that recreate autumn’s glow is sure to make this coin just as highly sought after!
  • Whether it’s a treasured keepsake or a stirring expression of national pride, this coin is sure to be a stunning addition to any collection.

The coin’s extraordinary design captures the beauty of a silver maple leaf in all its autumn splendour. The wavy, irregular nature of the leaf’s edge and the curved sinuses between its palmate lobes are painstakingly replicated through a labour-intensive process, which gives the coin its distinctive shape. Intricate detailing on the reverse brings it all to life, with veins running through the three upper lobes and the two smaller basal lobes. The full application of vibrant colour recreates the brilliant array of red, yellow and orange colours that are famously associated with the silver maple leaf on an autumn day in Canada.

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