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A perfect gift for Toronto Argonauts fans! While supplies last!

The Toronto Argonauts* have a storied franchise past that has much to contribute to the 100th Grey Cup® celebrations. The Grey Cup of 1950 —the Mud Bowl— is a legendary game known as much for the field conditions as for the players. Snow, rain and attempts to clear the field with heavy equipment created a muddy mess. Toronto and Winnipeg players had great difficulty overcoming the water-soaked field conditions, and in the end, Toronto took the Grey Cup 13-0, the last shutout in a championship game.

Your 25-cent commemorative coin also salutes Toronto’s 15 Grey Cup victories in 21 appearances that began in 1911.

If you are a Toronto Argonauts fan, or know someone who is, then this coin and stamp set is a perfect gift!

Special features:
• Double your collectibles! Along with your coin, you receive 2 special-edition CFL stamps: a Grey Cup stamp and a Toronto Argonauts stamp!
• Your 25-cent coin is cupronickel painted with specimen finish.
• The football on your coin is fully engraved to give it the look and feel of a real Canadian football.
• Eligible for letter mail shipping ($2.99 Canada only, limit of 3 per letter mail).

Coin design:
Your coin highlights the history and excitement of the CFL. The coin includes an image of the Grey Cup, the Toronto Argonauts logo on a football, and the text “Fifteen-time Champions.”

The Stamps:
The two Canada Post commemorative stamps each have a PERMANENT™ domestic rate.

• Your 25-cent painted coin is held by a blister and presented in a beautifully illustrated folder detailing the 100th Grey Cup and the game’s storied past. It also includes two special edition stamps designed by Canada Post Corporation in a souvenir sheet.
• In your coin’s folder, you’ll see a timeline chart that showcases the team’s appearances in Grey Cup games and highlights the Grey Cup wins over the years!
• Includes a spot to place the 100th Grey Cup commemorative circulation coin.


Composition: cupronickel

Finish:  specimen

Weight (g): 0.5

Diameter (mm):  35

Edge: plain

Certificate: n/a

Face value: 25 cents

Artist: Filip Mroz of Bensimon Byrne (reverse), Susanna Blunt (obverse)

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