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Bring a sparkle to someone’s holiday season with this stunning coloured ultra high relief coin. Delivering all the beauty and magic of a traditional holiday ornament, this fine silver coin has been produced using a quadruple-striking process, painstaking engraving and an advanced colouring technique to ensure that it remains a special treasure and beloved keepsake for years to come.

Item Number: 130620
UPC 6-23932-05928-3
Composition: 99.99% fine silver
Mintage: 6,000
Weight (g)*: 30.76
Diameter (mm): 36.15
Face Value: $25
Finish: Proof
Edge: Plain
Artist: Three Degrees Creative Group
Packaging: Maroon clamshell with black beauty box.


  • A Royal Canadian Mint first! This coin is the Mint’s first coloured ultra high relief coin, engraved in 99.99% fine silver.
  • This coin features the use of an advanced “Sheer Effect” colourization technique. This effect makes the colour glitter under light.
  • One of only a few ultra high relief coins produced by the Royal Canadian Mint each year, this stunning coloured coin is quadruple-struck and hand polished. Each coin bears completely unique surface qualities—a natural result of the ultra high-relief minting process.
  • The ultra high relief format lends extra depth to the star in the centre of the coin, which emulates a traditional indented glass holiday ornament.
  • Celebrate one of the Holiday season’s loveliest traditions—the glass ornament—beautifully portrayed in full colour.

The reverse design features a coloured holiday ornament. Produced in ultra high relief, the quadruple-struck reverse features a stylized circular ornament centered around a deeply indented star with 8 points. The engraved star is flanked by petal-like rings coloured with a bright festive red, green, and blue that circle outward to the edge of the coin.

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