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We all know someone who has earned a medal.
We are brave, we are strong, we are one We are Canadian! The Recognition Medal, created by Royal Canadian Mint employees, features two different designs, each symbolizing the spirit of our nation as we stand together through these trying times.
The heart and maple leaf icon on one side represents the collective spirit of Canadians The maple leaf and heart as one symbolize Canadians coming together in embrace as we help those in need The pulsating technology brings the strong heartbeat of our country to life.
The second side represents our grateful spirit The heart in the centre of the group symbolizes Canadians coming together in appreciation for our essential workers.
We recognize their dedication and bravery, and the micro text represents the thankful voices of a nation.
The attention to detail, time and effort that the engravers, machine programmers ( die polishers and engineers put into the features of this medal was but a small homage to the huge service that our essential workers perform on a daily basis It was their way of showing their gratitude through their art and craft.


  • This special medal pays tribute to the tremendous contributions of essential workers in all fields across Canada, as well Canadians who are keeping people safe, healthy and connected as we face the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Gift this medal to someone in thanks for making an impact on your life or your community.
  • Accompanied with a magnet so that the medal can be worn with pride!
  • Message area inside to personalize your gift with a heartfelt message.


The Royal Canadian Mint is donating 100% of the net proceeds to the Breakfast Club of Canada’s Emergency Funding for COVID-19 to help young Canadians and their families now, and in the months to come.

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