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During the Middle Ages, any knight who went into battle needed to distinguish friend from foe and would paint identifying marks on his shield. Later, these markings began appearing on military surcoats and cloaks worn by royal messengers.

This is how the Coat of Arms was born a design of heraldic symbols created to represent a monarchy, a clan, a territory or nation. Even Canada, a nation formed long after the Middle Ages, has a Coat of Arms as does every province and territory within its domain.

The Coat of Arms for Manitoba features the Provincial Shield as its central element. The Shield was originally granted in 1905 by King Edward VII and features a buffalo standing on a rock with the Cross of St. George.

The gold helmet above the Shield symbolizes Manitoba's co-sovereign status in Confederation and is presented with a wreath in red and white. The beaver above the helmet has a royal crown on its back and is holding a prairie crocus (Anemone patens), Manitoba's floral emblem.

A unicorn and horse serve as supporters. The unicorn is a tribute to the province's early Scottish settlers. Its masonry collar represents Manitoba's importance as Canada's keystone province and features a wheel from a Red River cart, a unique form of transportation. The horse was vital to the province's First Nations People, the Metis and European settlers. Its bead and bone collar is a First Nations design with an ancient symbol for the cycle of life.

The provincial motto on the scroll means Glorious and Free. The wavy lines above symbolize Manitoba's lakes and rivers that nourish the land; the grain fields (left) and the forests of white spruce (right). The seven prairie crocuses in the centre pay homage to Manitoba's multicultural character. These augmented Coat of Arms were officially adopted in 1992.

Item number: 111558
Face Value: 300 dollars
Mintage: 500
Composition: 58.33% gold, 41.67% silver
Weight (g): 60
Diameter (mm): 50
Edge: Serrated

Special Features:

  • Seventh issue in this bi-annual series.
  • Every detail of the Coat of Arms of Manitoba faithfully reproduced in 14 karat gold.
  • A unique and prestigious keepsake of one of Canada’s provinces.

Each coin is encapsulated and presented in a maroon clamshell case lined with flock and protected by a black sleeve.

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