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Proclaimed by King George V on November 21, 1921, the Coat of Arms of Canada stands as a powerful national emblem that speaks of Canada’s history and the proud heritage Canadians collectively share. The Royal Canadian Mint celebrates this symbol of Canada with this magnificent fine silver piedfort.

SRP: $99.95
Composition: 99.99% pure silver
Mintage: 6,000
Weight (g)*: 31.39
Diameter (mm): 34
Face Value: $25
Finish: Proof
Edge: Serrated
RCM Engravers
Packaging: Maroon clamshell with standard beauty box


  • Twice the thickness of a typical coin: Piedforts arethicker than normal and often contain double theamount of fine silver.
  • Stunning details! This numismatic replica of the Coatof Arms of Canada offers a faithful reproduction ofthis country’s heraldic symbol—even the tiniest detailhas been recreated through meticulous engraving!
  • A timeless celebration of Canada, its people, itshistory and its heritage through this richly detailedreproduction of a distinguished national symbol.
  • Uniqueness of a piedfort makes this a wonderfuladdition to any collection or a valued gift that willsurely become a treasured keepsake.

The reverse design features a faithfully detailed reproduction of the Coat of Arms of Canada. The base of the Coat of Arms features a garland of floral emblems—the English rose, the Scottish thistle, the Irish shamrock and the French lily—beneath a scroll that reads the motto of Canada, “A MARI USQUE AD MARE” (From sea to sea). At the centre is the shield; in the upper quadrants lie the three royal lions of England, the royal lion of Scotland, the royal Irish harp of Tara and the royal fleurs-de-lis of France, while the bottom portion features a sprig of three maple leaves to represent Canadians of all origins. On either side of the shield are the supporters, which are based on those of the Royal Arms of the United Kingdom: to the left is a lion holding a lance with the Union Jack, while at right is a unicorn (a royal symbol of Scotland) holding the royal flag of France. The ribbon behind the shield reads “DESIDERANTES MELIOREM PATRIAM” (They desire a better country), while above the shield is the royal helmet draped with a mantle of maple leaves. Atop the royal helmet is the crest set on a wreath of twisted white-and-red cloth, and is comprised of a crowned lion holding a maple leaf in its right paw. Above the crest is the imperial crown that represents the monarch as Canada’s Head of State.


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